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03. Jun, 2010

Come Home to New Zealand

New Zealand has become one of the most popular places the world is eager to visit. New Zealand is an island located in the South Pacific Ocean and is world renowned as the beautiful backdrop of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

New Zealand is full of culture, peacefulness, and relaxation as well as fun filled adventurous activities.

Travelling through New Zealand

Tourists enjoy the beautiful scenery and fun things to do all year long in New Zealand. You will find beautiful terrain, endless beaches, glaciers, huge mountains, and steam pools and volcanoes. For fun, you can enjoy activities on the water or participate in different sports. You can enjoy skiing on the slopes, bungee jumping, jet skiing, or sailing.

December through February is the summer season in New Zealand. You can enjoy beaches, sand dunes and waves. You can go fishing, diving or sailing. You can take a cruise and watch dolphins swim.

Auckland, The City of Sails offers glorious culture, city amenities and gorgeous harbours. You will find boats sailing on the harbour and you can browse the shops and eat at one of the fine dining restaurants.

New Zealand has top quality meat and specialty seafood, direct from the local coastlines. You can indulge in many different food ethnicities. The Sky Tower has a 5 star restaurant, and you can enjoy the view of the beautiful city while dining on delicious New Zealand food and wine.

You can visit the souvenir shops or find beautiful clothing or arts. Auckland has shops that offer unique goods and designs, and is well known as a fashion talent hot spot.  If you walk down the streets of the city, you will find numerous designers showing off their fabulous designs. You can find New Zealand wool from the local sheep, and pick up a Made in New Zealand treasure.

Rotura has geothermal and volcanic activity and is a very popular tourist attraction. You can smell the sulphur throughout the city. Whakarewarewa can show you the Maori way of life, as it is an all-natural village with thermal mud pools and hot springs.

The South Island is well known for its forests, rivers, lakes and snow covered mountains. Each city in New Zealand has plenty of outdoor fun. When you holiday in New Zealand, don’t forget to visit Milford Sound, where you will see the Southern Alps and Wakatipu. You will see majestic waterfalls and smell the woodlands when you cruise Mirror Lakes. In the wintertime (June through August), you can ski on the slopes under the warm sun.

14. May, 2010

Enjoy the Spectacular Sights in Queenstown New Zealand

Queenstown, New Zealand can be found on the shores of Lake Wakatipu. This gorgeous resort town is encircled by the 7,000 foot (2,300 metres) Remarkable Mountains and the view will take your breath away. If you want to go on holiday, you may want to make Queenstown a definite destination.

Come spend your day with the wonderful citizens of Queenstown:

If you rise by 8 am, you will find a beautiful sun filled day. At this early hour it is still chilly, and the high will only reach about 14 degrees celcius. It is a perfect October day; there is still snow on the mountain tops, and more snow may fall, but as the month marches on, snow is not as likely.

You can begin your day with a delicious breakfast. If you have booked a room with a lake view, you can possibly see Lake Wakatipu which is about 40 kilometres (22 miles) long, and is between Glenorchy and Kinston. You will create memories if you meander your way along the lake from Queenstown.

If you take a drive to Wanaka, you can visit numerous lookouts. If you bring your camera, you can take pictures of your trip from Queenstown. About 25km from Wanaka, you will drive by the Cardrona Hotel, a historic hotel built in the 1800s. When you arrive in Wanaka, you will be able to walk along the edge of the water and view large trout swimming in the clear lake water. When you walk through Wanaka, you will see the beauty of the town. It is clearly evident the pride that the residents take in their little town. You will find mementos in the gift shops, and you can stop for a bite to eat in one of the cafes. Puzzling World is a great place for the kids to visit; you will find a maze, optical illusions, and fun brain buster activities.

The Cardrona Hotel has much local history, and the bar area has a view to an old gold mineshaft. If the day is chilly, there is an open fire to sit by and warm your bones. If the day is warm, you can take your lunch in the beautiful garden.

When you return to Queenstown, you can go by way of the Crown Range. The view of the Wakatipu basin view is breathtaking. If you are in the mood for a detour, Arrowtown has local arts and crafts shops.

A visit to Queenstown is spectacular, and there are numerous shops and restaurants to keep you occupied on your holiday to this beautiful New Zealand town.

11. May, 2010

Enjoy a New Zealand Driving Holiday

If you want a New Zealand holiday that will let you escape your everyday normal activities, you can rent a car to see the countryside and everything that New Zealand has to offer.

New Zealand has a wide variety of beautiful things to offer you on your self drive.

Rent a Car in New Zealand

You could rent a car in Auckland and drive about New Zealand at your leisure. You could stay in an Auckland hotel listed in travel brochures. You can find a brochure in an information centre at various places around New Zealand.

Self Drives

There are many car rentals to choose from in New Zealand. You will find well maintained and serviced vehicles. You can book your car rental online or call a New Zealand car rental business. The driving instructions are easy to follow, and you can enjoy your New Zealand holiday at your own pace.

If you find yourself in unfamiliar territory, you can take a tour of New Zealand by buying a travel pass. The passes are not expensive and you will be able to see the spectacular sites of many bustling cities without having to worry about driving through places you don’t know.

Driving in New Zealand

You will be able to visit the areas displayed on TV and in travel brochures. You may want to take a tour of the Pacific Coast Highway. You can drive south from Auckland and drive through the Bay of Plenty, and drive around to Napier. You may want to head north and drive the Twin Coast Discovery Highway out of Auckland, follow the east coast through Northland, and come back along the west coast. You won’t likely forget your holiday any time soon when you drive through the great country of New Zealand and enjoy the many spectacular sights of your choosing.

If you want to set up camp, there are many campground areas that are well maintained. You will find them in well lit scenic places. You will find laundry rooms, playgrounds for the kids, bathrooms and showers, and grills and kitchens. To get a good campground, you may want to reserve your space before you get there and most assuredly if it is the busiest time in summer.

New Zealand Tours

If you are interested in taking a tour of New Zealand, you and your family may want to take a coach tour so that you can truly enjoy everything that this beautiful country has to offer.

With a New Zealand driving tour, you can have yourself the ultimate holiday. You will see the beauty of the countryside, the joy of the bustling city, and be able to take a break from your everyday life.