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Come Home to New Zealand

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New Zealand has become one of the most popular places the world is eager to visit. New Zealand is an island located in the South Pacific Ocean and is world renowned as the beautiful backdrop of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

New Zealand is full of culture, peacefulness, and relaxation as well as fun filled adventurous activities.

Travelling through New Zealand

Tourists enjoy the beautiful scenery and fun things to do all year long in New Zealand. You will find beautiful terrain, endless beaches, glaciers, huge mountains, and steam pools and volcanoes. For fun, you can enjoy activities on the water or participate in different sports. You can enjoy skiing on the slopes, bungee jumping, jet skiing, or sailing.

December through February is the summer season in New Zealand. You can enjoy beaches, sand dunes and waves. You can go fishing, diving or sailing. You can take a cruise and watch dolphins swim.

Auckland, The City of Sails offers glorious culture, city amenities and gorgeous harbours. You will find boats sailing on the harbour and you can browse the shops and eat at one of the fine dining restaurants.

New Zealand has top quality meat and specialty seafood, direct from the local coastlines. You can indulge in many different food ethnicities. The Sky Tower has a 5 star restaurant, and you can enjoy the view of the beautiful city while dining on delicious New Zealand food and wine.

You can visit the souvenir shops or find beautiful clothing or arts. Auckland has shops that offer unique goods and designs, and is well known as a fashion talent hot spot.  If you walk down the streets of the city, you will find numerous designers showing off their fabulous designs. You can find New Zealand wool from the local sheep, and pick up a Made in New Zealand treasure.

Rotura has geothermal and volcanic activity and is a very popular tourist attraction. You can smell the sulphur throughout the city. Whakarewarewa can show you the Maori way of life, as it is an all-natural village with thermal mud pools and hot springs.

The South Island is well known for its forests, rivers, lakes and snow covered mountains. Each city in New Zealand has plenty of outdoor fun. When you holiday in New Zealand, don’t forget to visit Milford Sound, where you will see the Southern Alps and Wakatipu. You will see majestic waterfalls and smell the woodlands when you cruise Mirror Lakes. In the wintertime (June through August), you can ski on the slopes under the warm sun.


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2 Responses to “Come Home to New Zealand”

  1. From Hannah Lewis:

    I was very impressed with the NZ’s natural beauty. I was surprised to learn that while we are starting summer here in Canada, you have just started your winter. Nicely written post.

    Posted on 03. Jun, 2010 at 2:17 pm #
  2. From Brooke:

    I’m planning to have a vacation to the South Island in July. I’d like to ask you if you’d recommend one of two specific locations and attractions. I’ll only be there for about 4 to 5 days and will fly from Christ Church on July 15.

    Posted on 03. Jun, 2010 at 3:24 pm #

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