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Auckland Has Numerous Attractions to Keep You Busy

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One third of the people that live in New Zealand call the beautiful city of Auckland home. You can have a great time visiting the bustling city and all the amenities Auckland has to offer. You can visit the Sky Tower, the art gallery, the museum and Viaduct Harbour.

The most distinguished landmark in Auckland is the Sky Tower. Nearly one million people visit the tower every year. You will find a couple casinos, a 5 star hotel, and restaurants in the Sky City compound. The Tower is 328 metres tall and has four observation levels for visitors to view the amazing sights the city has to offer. The Sky Lounge cafe is located on the lower level. You will find weather forecasts, computers, and free audio guides on the main level. The soaring sky deck is home to the visitor survey area. Sky Jump is cable controlled Base Jumping, while attached to a 192m wire. The look-out tower looks like a flying saucer because of the different coloured lights.

To acknowledge the end of World War 1, the Auckland Museum was constructed in1929. It closely mimics the Greek temples. You will find numerous collections, shows, and displays at the Museum. You will find three levels of various New Zealand histories, and galleries filled with art and ethnology. Bring the kids; there are fun activities for them to participate in. There are nearly 1.5 million stuffed, pickled, skewered, and freeze-dried exhibits to view. On the top floor, the War Memorial has a commemorative site and war history displays. The artifacts tell the story of how New Zealand came about. You can also purchase books, musical memorabilia, and jewellery.

There are nearly 12,500 exhibits at the Auckland Art Gallery, with regular exhibitions. These displays have international and local pieces of art. The Main Gallery showcases European and New Zealand art by well known artists. The New Gallery is home to exhibitions and various other pieces of art.

At the Auckland Viaduct Harbour, you will find housing, shops, and restaurants that were constructed by the water. The Maritime Trail has a paved path that travels around the basin of the harbour. When you travel the path, you will see historical plaques and delightful carvings showcasing the history of Auckland’s adventures on the sea. You can enjoy outdoor songs, acts and plays, as well as attend the outdoor movie theatre.

You will have a grand visit in New Zealand when you tour Auckland’s museums, art galleries, towers and the various waterfronts. There is so much to do, you can’t possibly become bored.


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