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04. Feb, 2011

The Wonderful Wilderness of Waimangu Volcanic Valley, Rotorua, New Zealand

The Wonderful Wilderness of Waimangu Volcanic Valley, Rotorua, New Zealand

If you’re looking for breathtaking scenery, raw wilderness, and unimaginable natural and supernatural beauty, you’ll find it at Waimangu volcanic valley in Rotorua, New Zealand.  If all of the poets in world got together, they could not capture the stunning beauty and serenity held with Waimangu. Nor could the most expensive camera capture its dynamic sensation—though you should certainly pack your camera for the trip anyway!

Whether it’s the geothermal activity, the geology, the waters or the fauna, everything you see here is like you’ve never seen it before. It is like some stylised and idealised new world you’ve just discovered. And there are a number of ways to experience it, both for the rugged trailblazer, as well as the more relaxed photographer and holiday-maker.

One of the best ways to experience Waimangu volcanic valley must be on foot. There are a variety of hikes offered, from easy hikes under an hour, to all day wilderness excursions into the native bush of four hours or more. Also, for the stronger hikers and ramblers, the Mount Haszard Hiking Trail offers a moderately challenging hike upward to some of the best views Waimangu has to offer. All hikers and walkers should wear proper footwear and attire for an excursion, whether you’re planning to hit the trail for forty minutes or four hours. It will make it much more enjoyable and safe.

For those less inclined to take to the inclines of the Mount Haszard Trail, or for the weary traveller, a lake Rotomahana boat cruise is exactly what you’re looking for. You’ll see the scenery from a completely unique perspective, viewing geothermal activity that is only visible by means of this cruise. Likewise, you will view the many various plants and animals this wildlife refuge contains, with many lovely birds included. You will experience the wonderful purity of nature in the refuge, as the land is protected from development.

If you are looking for a complete package of activities for a day, Waimangu volcanic valley offers a variety of options. These packages are individually crafted for different needs and desires, but all feature guided tours of the most wonderful areas in Waimangu, from rain forest to volcanoes and other geothermally active pieces of wilderness. The guides are extremely knowledgeable, and their explanations will greatly enrich and inform your experience of the natural wonders surrounding you.

All of these options come at various prices, all reasonable. You have the freedom to decide exactly what type of adventure and experience you desire to have at Waimangu volcanic valley from the wide variety of potential choices. But whatever you choose, one thing is for sure: it will be unforgettable, mystical, and astoundingly beautiful.

03. Jan, 2011

Rotorua New Zealand’s Lake Okataina: Seclusion, Adventure, and Relaxation

Rotorua New Zealand’s Lake Okataina: Seclusion, Adventure, and Relaxation

The stunning Lake Okataina in Rotorua, New Zealand offers unique and wonderful experiences for a wide variety of activities. Whether you are planning a daytrip, a wedding, a holiday, or a corporate event, Lakes Lodge on Lake Okataina is the perfect choice for comfort, seclusion, and beauty. It is uniquely situated, and can accommodate all of your reasons for being there amazingly well.

It is little wonder that the English translation for Okataina is “place of laughter”.

Rotorua’s Lake Okataina is entirely surrounded by natural bush, offering visitors a degree of privacy and peace rarely achieved in such brilliant vacation spots. Likewise, this makes for spectacular views from all of the rooms that Lake Lodge offers.  It is an adventure-land and a wonderland, where you will lose yourself in the all-encompassing and one-of-a-kind scenery.

At Lakes Lodge, accommodations options are various, ranging from hotel rooms, to studio units, two-room units, and deluxe two-room units. Except for the hotel rooms, all of these feature a full kitchen. All rooms have views of the lake or the surrounding picturesque bush.  And a comfortable room is a must for relaxation after a full day of soaking in nature with Lake Okataina’s many choices for activities.

As diverse and unique as Lakes Lodge’s accommodations are, so are its onsite activities. There are options to have fun with colleagues, friends, or family. The many team-building activities will keep even the most adventurous and active entertained, with events like axe throwing, mechanical bull riding, laser-tag, man-hunt, kayaking, and many more. Lake Okataina is also famous for its trout fishing, and Lakes Lodge offers guided charters and an annual trout fishing competition. This is not to mention the various and stunningly beautiful bush walks and hikes, which are an absolute must for any nature lover.

Lakes Lodge’s entertainment options are equally amazing and fun for your event or party, ranging from live music, casino nights, karaoke, and so many more. You will never have to worry about succumbing to boredom. There is plenty to do at Lake Okataina.

The fantastic restaurant and bar at Lakes Lodge is an excellent way to spend an afternoon.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all offered and can accommodate your various dining desires, from continental breakfasts, to a-la-carte meals, or traditional dining, or even a BBQ when the weather is nice. The bar is fully licensed, and has great views of the lake, offering every drink you could want, from fine wine to soft drinks.

Lakes Lodge is a truly unique and exquisite location. You and your friends or family will find excitement, relaxation, adventure, bonding, and comfort beyond your expectations. There really is something for everyone at Lake Okataina.

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