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03. Jan, 2011

Rotorua New Zealand’s Lake Okataina: Seclusion, Adventure, and Relaxation

Rotorua New Zealand’s Lake Okataina: Seclusion, Adventure, and Relaxation

The stunning Lake Okataina in Rotorua, New Zealand offers unique and wonderful experiences for a wide variety of activities. Whether you are planning a daytrip, a wedding, a holiday, or a corporate event, Lakes Lodge on Lake Okataina is the perfect choice for comfort, seclusion, and beauty. It is uniquely situated, and can accommodate all of your reasons for being there amazingly well.

It is little wonder that the English translation for Okataina is “place of laughter”.

Rotorua’s Lake Okataina is entirely surrounded by natural bush, offering visitors a degree of privacy and peace rarely achieved in such brilliant vacation spots. Likewise, this makes for spectacular views from all of the rooms that Lake Lodge offers.  It is an adventure-land and a wonderland, where you will lose yourself in the all-encompassing and one-of-a-kind scenery.

At Lakes Lodge, accommodations options are various, ranging from hotel rooms, to studio units, two-room units, and deluxe two-room units. Except for the hotel rooms, all of these feature a full kitchen. All rooms have views of the lake or the surrounding picturesque bush.  And a comfortable room is a must for relaxation after a full day of soaking in nature with Lake Okataina’s many choices for activities.

As diverse and unique as Lakes Lodge’s accommodations are, so are its onsite activities. There are options to have fun with colleagues, friends, or family. The many team-building activities will keep even the most adventurous and active entertained, with events like axe throwing, mechanical bull riding, laser-tag, man-hunt, kayaking, and many more. Lake Okataina is also famous for its trout fishing, and Lakes Lodge offers guided charters and an annual trout fishing competition. This is not to mention the various and stunningly beautiful bush walks and hikes, which are an absolute must for any nature lover.

Lakes Lodge’s entertainment options are equally amazing and fun for your event or party, ranging from live music, casino nights, karaoke, and so many more. You will never have to worry about succumbing to boredom. There is plenty to do at Lake Okataina.

The fantastic restaurant and bar at Lakes Lodge is an excellent way to spend an afternoon.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all offered and can accommodate your various dining desires, from continental breakfasts, to a-la-carte meals, or traditional dining, or even a BBQ when the weather is nice. The bar is fully licensed, and has great views of the lake, offering every drink you could want, from fine wine to soft drinks.

Lakes Lodge is a truly unique and exquisite location. You and your friends or family will find excitement, relaxation, adventure, bonding, and comfort beyond your expectations. There really is something for everyone at Lake Okataina.

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08. Jun, 2010

Enjoy the Thermal Pools of Rotorua New Zealand

Natural beauty and vividly contrasting landscapes are a normal part of New Zealand. The North Island spa city of Rotorua is known for its most prevalent peculiarities of nature. Walking holidays in New Zealand will take you through many different experiences. You can walk on windswept beaches and rugged coastlines and hike through lush leafy green forests on the mountains. However, Rotorua is best known for its thermal mud pools, attracting thousands of visitors every year.

Rotorua is a quiet sleepy city. It is easy to find your way around this beautiful city that has a friendly and welcoming culture. The city offers numerous activities for visitors of all ages, no matter what your abilities are. You can find walking trails in every part of New Zealand, and in Rotorua, you can find many forest trails originating near the centre of the city. While many people come for the healing properties the thermal mud pool offers, the city also offers picturesque lakes, fishing, and hiking and biking.

You can find many thermal pools around the city. You really can’t miss the sulfurous odor that veils the city. You may find the odor unpleasant at first, but once you have been in “the smelliest city in New Zealand” for awhile, you will notice nothing but the thermal pools.

A violent and dramatic past is hidden in New Zealand’s beautiful Lake Rotorua. You can find relics from the city’s volcanic origins, and thermal pools and geysers all over the city.  When you walk in the city’s parks and gardens be careful of the steam coming from the open pools and sulfur vents. The pools hold no element of danger, but they are very hot.

You can find one of the most fascinating places in New Zealand when you visit Whakarewarewa, a village on the outskirts of Rotorua. The village has harnessed the power of Nature by using the thermal activity to their advantage. They use the natural landscape to bathe, wash clothes and predict the weather. Whakarewarewa is a tourist attraction, but it is also a living and working village, with the Maori villagers living together in one accord with their majestic surroundings.

You can enjoy the thermal pools by treating yourself to Rotorua’s indoor mineral pools and spas. Spend a luxurious day in the waters that have a reputation for healing. Medical practitioners have used the waters for therapeutic treatment. You may find the Rotorua Bath House a wonderful place to visit. At one time, the Bath House had given over 70,000 baths and 30,000 special therapies. You don’t have to worry about the shock therapy that was once used, since the Bath House is now a museum. The only shock you may have is the reality of having to climb out of the tub and head back to your life.

03. Jun, 2010

Come Home to New Zealand

New Zealand has become one of the most popular places the world is eager to visit. New Zealand is an island located in the South Pacific Ocean and is world renowned as the beautiful backdrop of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

New Zealand is full of culture, peacefulness, and relaxation as well as fun filled adventurous activities.

Travelling through New Zealand

Tourists enjoy the beautiful scenery and fun things to do all year long in New Zealand. You will find beautiful terrain, endless beaches, glaciers, huge mountains, and steam pools and volcanoes. For fun, you can enjoy activities on the water or participate in different sports. You can enjoy skiing on the slopes, bungee jumping, jet skiing, or sailing.

December through February is the summer season in New Zealand. You can enjoy beaches, sand dunes and waves. You can go fishing, diving or sailing. You can take a cruise and watch dolphins swim.

Auckland, The City of Sails offers glorious culture, city amenities and gorgeous harbours. You will find boats sailing on the harbour and you can browse the shops and eat at one of the fine dining restaurants.

New Zealand has top quality meat and specialty seafood, direct from the local coastlines. You can indulge in many different food ethnicities. The Sky Tower has a 5 star restaurant, and you can enjoy the view of the beautiful city while dining on delicious New Zealand food and wine.

You can visit the souvenir shops or find beautiful clothing or arts. Auckland has shops that offer unique goods and designs, and is well known as a fashion talent hot spot.  If you walk down the streets of the city, you will find numerous designers showing off their fabulous designs. You can find New Zealand wool from the local sheep, and pick up a Made in New Zealand treasure.

Rotura has geothermal and volcanic activity and is a very popular tourist attraction. You can smell the sulphur throughout the city. Whakarewarewa can show you the Maori way of life, as it is an all-natural village with thermal mud pools and hot springs.

The South Island is well known for its forests, rivers, lakes and snow covered mountains. Each city in New Zealand has plenty of outdoor fun. When you holiday in New Zealand, don’t forget to visit Milford Sound, where you will see the Southern Alps and Wakatipu. You will see majestic waterfalls and smell the woodlands when you cruise Mirror Lakes. In the wintertime (June through August), you can ski on the slopes under the warm sun.

31. May, 2010

Take a Ski Trip to New Zealand

If you decide to take a skiing trip or a sightseeing trip, New Zealand has many ski areas to attract you. You will find the Southern Alps extending down the South Island, and a gigantic snow covered volcano in the North part of New Zealand. You will have no problem finding a place to sightsee or ski on your holiday.

New Zealand does not have lifts with warmed seats or 5 star restaurants on the slopes, so you should not expect those amenities. However, you will find excellent ski slopes without frills or funky ski suits.

If you are looking for fun and adventure, you can wind your way up the steep dirt and gravel roads on your way to the ski slopes. Watch out for the drop offs! Cardrona has a few apartments and in the North Island, Whakapapa has lodges, but other than that, there the commercial ski areas do not have housing.

New Zealand is the opposite of ski areas in North America or Europe. There aren’t any ski villages at the foot of the mountain. However, you will be able to find a café, a shopping area, a business that you can rent your ski equipment, and a place to buy your lift tickets.

The ski slopes are amazing. Although they are smaller than North American ski resorts and slopes, the amount of open space is quite large. The ground is completely open since the ski space is above the tree line. When you are skiing, you will find half pipes, abrupt declines, troughs, wide rolling bowls and cliffs. New Zealand ski slopes have numerous natural landscape features, so you can ski and play to your heart’s content. If you are after a quieter holiday, you can use the beginner’s slopes.

Cardrona and Snow Park both have renowned terrain parks in the South Island, and both have half pipes, and gigantic hits. Many North American skiers train at Wanaka for various skiing and snowboarding events.

You can’t top the amazing view from the ski slopes. You can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere with friendly ski staff. Before you start skiing, check with Ski Patrol, and be sure you bring avalanche gear. If you get bold, make sure you know exactly what you are doing.

New Zealand skiing is worth the trip if you enjoy skiing or snowboarding. You will find club fields in Canterbury, such as Glen Plake. You will find magnificent ski areas in the South Island, namely in the Wanaka and Queenstown. In the North Island, Mt. Ruapehu is an active volcano you can ski or snowboard on. If you feel like hiking, you can ski by the crater lake.

Try to obtain reasonably priced tickets because New Zealand is a great affordable place to spend your beautiful and amazing snow holiday.

26. May, 2010

Seek Adventure on Your New Zealand Holiday

Everyone has different ideas of what the perfect holiday should entail. While some people may desire quiet, secluded areas where they can bask in the quietness of their area, with quiet activities and plenty of relaxation, others may enjoy fun filled sports activities such as sky diving, bungee jumping, jet skiing and snowboarding.

It is important to consider holiday destinations that will allow the activities you wish to do. If you want to bask in the sun with no one around, then consider taking a quiet beach holiday to a remote tropical island. If you enjoy seeing sights and visiting museums and cultural events, you may want to visit the bustling city.  If you need adventure and need to burn off some energy, you may want to find a place that allows such activities. You can find lots of fun things to do in New Zealand.

New Zealand is well known for its gorgeous natural beauty and for its sports activities. Many people head to New Zealand to bungee jump, go skydiving, go jet skiing, and go snowboarding on the beautiful majestic mountains. There are many adventures for thrill seekers to partake in, and the natural beauty of New Zealand will take your breath away.

If you head to Lake Wanaka and Fox Glacier, you can go skydiving. You may want to head to Queenstown or Taupo to go bungee jumping. If you want to go skiing or snowboarding, you can head to Coronet Park, Whakapapa (Mt Ruapehu) and Craigieburn Ski Field. You can head off to Nelson, the Marlborough Sounds or Kaikoura to go jet skiing.

No matter which part of New Zealand you travel to, you can find fun activities to participate in. New Zealand has a long history of adventure sports, and instructors have a lot of experience and knowledge that will keep you safe as you participate in these activities. You can also go Zorbing, also known as throwing yourself down a hill in a huge inflatable ball. Rotorua, New Zealand had the first Zorb site in the world.

If you are an avid adventure seeker and live for adrenalin filled holidays, you can travel to New Zealand and participate in numerous sports and fun activities. New Zealand is one of the best places in the world to find adventure sports.

24. May, 2010

Milford Sound: A Beautiful Place to Visit in New Zealand

Milford Sound, found in Fiordland National Park, is one of the most popular places to visit in New Zealand. Thousands upon thousands of people come each year to see the beauty of Milford Sound.

Fiordland, located southwest of South Island, is the biggest national park in New Zealand. This magnificent area is a World Heritage Park, a protected ecological area for marine life. At Milford Sound, you can see beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, mountains and cliffs. When you visit this delightful area of Fiordland, you will be amazed by dolphins, penguins and fur seals. Mitre Peak, the most renowned landmark in the park, is a pyramid shaped mountain 1,692 cm high. Bowen Falls and Stirling Falls are some beautiful waterfalls located in Milford Sound. Lion Mountain, Copper Point, and the Elephant are also extraordinary features of the park.

Torrents of rain are normal in Milford Sound. This type of weather is responsible for gorgeous waterfalls and a hazy vapour that seems magical and enchanting. A feeling of peace and calmness is impressed upon an individual who views the huge mountains surrounded by the mist. The environment is breathtaking.

Visitors are able to view black coral, starfish, red coral, anemones, and other fish that live in the park when they visit the Underwater Observatory, located in a Milford Sound bay. When you look below the surface of the water, you will be able to see remarkable creatures and coral that live beneath the water.

When visiting Milford Sound, you can take the bus to the wharf or walk the Milford Track. Starting at the head of Lake Te Anau and ending at Milford Sound, the 53.5 km walk takes about 4 days to complete. Driving from Te Anau, you will go by Cascade Creek, Upper Hollyford Valley and Homer Tunnel. The visitor centre is often crowded during peak periods. There are usually more visitors in the daytime than at day’s end.

To really explore Milford Sound you will definitely want to take a cruise. The cruise leaves from the visitor centre and lasts up to two hours. Beautiful flights are also available for you to tour the Sound.

If you love natural scenic beauty, then travel to New Zealand to explore Milford Sound. You will see beautiful tall mountains, including Mitre Peak that rises out of the water. Magnificent waterfalls fall down to the water from towering heights, and will take your breath away. For more information, feel free visit Milford Sound.

18. May, 2010

Kaikoura, New Zealand is a Perfect Holiday Destination

When you decide to holiday in Kaikoura, New Zealand, you can watch the whales, swim with seals, and enjoy crayfish. You can also enjoy the history of the town and the beautiful landscape.

When you come into the town via the north or south, you will find the sea bordering the road. You can see the fur seals catching some rays while relaxing on the rocks. When you come into town, you will see a breathtaking view of the water with the Kaikoura Ranges in the background. The sound of the waves crashing on the shore will awaken you in the morning. Taking a holiday in Kaikoura is a wonderful event, but sea activities and adventures are not all this beautiful town has to offer.

- Visit Fyffe House to get to know the history of Kaikoura. Fyffe House was constructed in 1842 and was occupied by the first European family to call the town home. The House welcomes visitors.

- You can see the fur seals sun themselves on the rocks if you take a stroll past Fyffe House when the tide is low.

- You can hike up the Mt. Fyffe track to get a spectacular view of the town peninsula.

- If you want to see naturally formed stalactites and stalagmites, you can go on a guided tour that will take you through the Maori Leap Cave.

- At the Point Sheep Shearing Show, you can watch sheep being stripped of their wool and then watch as the wool is separated and pressed.

- You can ride a 4 wheeler to view the landscape and see the beauty of Kaikoura.

- The Fyffe View Ranch Adventure Park has a farm park & horses, as well as an archery range and luge sleds.

Besides these exciting adventures, Kaikoura, New Zealand has a ton of other exciting things to do during your holiday.

For a wonderful experience, be sure to visit the Alpine Pacific Holiday Park in Kaikoura, New Zealand.

You can find quiet housing with gorgeous country scenery on the Seaward Kaikoura Mountain Range. You can pitch a tent, bring your camper or RV, book a cabin, or stay in a motel. You can jump into the heated swimming pool or relax in the spa before you bring an end to your fun day of exploring Kaikoura’s coast.

14. May, 2010

Enjoy the Spectacular Sights in Queenstown New Zealand

Queenstown, New Zealand can be found on the shores of Lake Wakatipu. This gorgeous resort town is encircled by the 7,000 foot (2,300 metres) Remarkable Mountains and the view will take your breath away. If you want to go on holiday, you may want to make Queenstown a definite destination.

Come spend your day with the wonderful citizens of Queenstown:

If you rise by 8 am, you will find a beautiful sun filled day. At this early hour it is still chilly, and the high will only reach about 14 degrees celcius. It is a perfect October day; there is still snow on the mountain tops, and more snow may fall, but as the month marches on, snow is not as likely.

You can begin your day with a delicious breakfast. If you have booked a room with a lake view, you can possibly see Lake Wakatipu which is about 40 kilometres (22 miles) long, and is between Glenorchy and Kinston. You will create memories if you meander your way along the lake from Queenstown.

If you take a drive to Wanaka, you can visit numerous lookouts. If you bring your camera, you can take pictures of your trip from Queenstown. About 25km from Wanaka, you will drive by the Cardrona Hotel, a historic hotel built in the 1800s. When you arrive in Wanaka, you will be able to walk along the edge of the water and view large trout swimming in the clear lake water. When you walk through Wanaka, you will see the beauty of the town. It is clearly evident the pride that the residents take in their little town. You will find mementos in the gift shops, and you can stop for a bite to eat in one of the cafes. Puzzling World is a great place for the kids to visit; you will find a maze, optical illusions, and fun brain buster activities.

The Cardrona Hotel has much local history, and the bar area has a view to an old gold mineshaft. If the day is chilly, there is an open fire to sit by and warm your bones. If the day is warm, you can take your lunch in the beautiful garden.

When you return to Queenstown, you can go by way of the Crown Range. The view of the Wakatipu basin view is breathtaking. If you are in the mood for a detour, Arrowtown has local arts and crafts shops.

A visit to Queenstown is spectacular, and there are numerous shops and restaurants to keep you occupied on your holiday to this beautiful New Zealand town.

11. May, 2010

Enjoy a New Zealand Driving Holiday

If you want a New Zealand holiday that will let you escape your everyday normal activities, you can rent a car to see the countryside and everything that New Zealand has to offer.

New Zealand has a wide variety of beautiful things to offer you on your self drive.

Rent a Car in New Zealand

You could rent a car in Auckland and drive about New Zealand at your leisure. You could stay in an Auckland hotel listed in travel brochures. You can find a brochure in an information centre at various places around New Zealand.

Self Drives

There are many car rentals to choose from in New Zealand. You will find well maintained and serviced vehicles. You can book your car rental online or call a New Zealand car rental business. The driving instructions are easy to follow, and you can enjoy your New Zealand holiday at your own pace.

If you find yourself in unfamiliar territory, you can take a tour of New Zealand by buying a travel pass. The passes are not expensive and you will be able to see the spectacular sites of many bustling cities without having to worry about driving through places you don’t know.

Driving in New Zealand

You will be able to visit the areas displayed on TV and in travel brochures. You may want to take a tour of the Pacific Coast Highway. You can drive south from Auckland and drive through the Bay of Plenty, and drive around to Napier. You may want to head north and drive the Twin Coast Discovery Highway out of Auckland, follow the east coast through Northland, and come back along the west coast. You won’t likely forget your holiday any time soon when you drive through the great country of New Zealand and enjoy the many spectacular sights of your choosing.

If you want to set up camp, there are many campground areas that are well maintained. You will find them in well lit scenic places. You will find laundry rooms, playgrounds for the kids, bathrooms and showers, and grills and kitchens. To get a good campground, you may want to reserve your space before you get there and most assuredly if it is the busiest time in summer.

New Zealand Tours

If you are interested in taking a tour of New Zealand, you and your family may want to take a coach tour so that you can truly enjoy everything that this beautiful country has to offer.

With a New Zealand driving tour, you can have yourself the ultimate holiday. You will see the beauty of the countryside, the joy of the bustling city, and be able to take a break from your everyday life.

08. May, 2010

Travelling To New Zealand

When is the best time to travel to New Zealand? What’s the weather like? The answers may vary if your interests lie in different activities.

Before you visit New Zealand, decide what activities you want to participate in. Once you know your plans, you can decide when to take your trip.

New Zealand is a great country to visit year round. The climate is mild. Each season has its own attractiveness. December to February is very warm and beautiful if the weather cooperates.

Winter is a wet time of the year for the North Island of New Zealand. You will find it drier in the South Island. You can find many sunny days in the wintertime. Rainfall is generally more in the Fiordland and West Coast regions of the South Island, but Nelson and Marlborough have an abundance of sunshine. In North Island, Hawkes Bay and the Bay of Plenty experience plenty of sunshine.

Dress Right

Come prepared in all seasons for cool and wet weather, dressing in layers. Bring warm layers of thin clothing, as well as a waterproof jacket. You can adjust to the climate changes throughout the day by adding and removing layers. You can prepare for sunny days by bringing sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat.


December through February has the warmest and best summer weather. This is the peak time for tourists, so book ahead for your transport and activities. Prices are much higher during the summer months.


March to May has beautiful colourful tree leaves. Wanaka and Otago in the South Island and Hawkes Bay in the North Island have gorgeous leaves. Autumn is one of the best times to travel to New Zealand.


In the winter, you will find skiers playing on snow covered mountains. Turoa and Whakapapa in Tongariro National Park are popular with skiers in the North Island. In the South Island you can ski in Queenstown, Wanaka, and Mt Huff. Though Whakapapa’s ski season lasts longer, the ski season usually lasts from June to early October.

You can rent a car to go skiing. There is not much traffic, and the roads are generally clear. Snow falls in the mountains, but sometimes the valley can get snow too.

In winter, the North Island tends to be wet and cold, but the South Island is drier.


From September to November, the mountains are covered in snow. When the snow melts, you can go white water rafting. The buds are starting to flower. You can travel to the Bay of Plenty and Hawkes Bay to see the pretty flowers, or go to Taranaki in the North Island for the Rhododendron and Garden Festival.

Christchurch in the South Island is called the “Garden City.” The parks and gardens abound in vibrant colour, so a visit to the Botanic Gardens is due. You can see many historic gardens in Dunedin. Alexandra has an annual spring festival.

Take a Drive

If you go to New Zealand, you can take a relaxing drive through the beautiful countryside. Rental companies offer low rates and specials between May and September.